eBay and Customer Service

eBay and Customer Service


If you are running an eBay business, you might not understand that the requirement for fantastic customer service still exists– even for online auctions. When a buyer receives quality customer service from you, they will possibly do one of two things– or both. They will provide you great feedback, and they might look for more of your auctions in the future. If you want to make a living from eBay, you need to stop believing of it as an ‘auction’ and start running it like a. ‘company.’.

If you owned a traditional company, how would you treat your consumer while they were standing at your counter, awaiting you to finish ringing up their order? You would be useful and considerate of course! You would do everything that you might to guarantee that consumers go back to your establishment in the future. You would flex.
over backwards making sure that their buying experience with you was both acceptable and pleasurable. Why would you do any less at the close of among your eBay auctions?

Initially, act quickly at the close of your auctions Contact the winner, and praise them. Describe the product they have won and how the product will be delivered– even if this info is currently part of the description for the auction. Remind them of their winning quote quantity, and give them payment options and guidelines. Let them know when the product will be shipped.

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Close your email by thanking them for participating in your auction. You may even take this chance to tell them about other open auctions that you have as well. Think about this contact with the winner as a conversation that you are having with a customer who is standing at your counter because fictional physical store.

Once the payment and shipping information have been cared for, call your purchaser once again. Let them understand when the product was delivered– the precise date and time– and when it is anticipated to arrive on their end. During this contact, let them understand that if they have any problems or concerns, that they should contact you through the eBay website. If they do contact you in the future, ensure that you response without delay, and that you do all that you can making them delighted with their purchase– even if it indicates providing a refund. Yes. You must be open to issuing refunds, depending upon exactly what the item is. Additionally, you should release refunds promptly. Of course, it is affordable to anticipate the purchaser to return the product to you, at your cost, before the refund is provided– once you receive the product, issue the refund promptly. This is just great company!