4 Affiliate Marketing Myths You Need To Know

4 Affiliate Marketing Myths You Need To Know


Affiliate marketing like any other types of program or business, comes with its own myths. A lot of affiliate marketers have failed in their affiliate program because they refused to understand some of these myths.
We will be looking at the four major affiliate marketing myths you need to be aware of in order for you to become a better affiliate marketer.
Remember that nobody can make you a better marketer. It all have to be your own effort. You must be ready and willing to learn, practice and execute new skills that will help take your marketing skills to the next level.

Affiliate Systems is quick and easy to manage

Is affiliate marketing system quick and easy to set up? Definitely not, there is nothing good that comes easily. Like most businesses, Affiliate marketing system needs special skill, dedication and commitment. One thing that makes affiliate system a bit difficult is the competitor aspect of it. Remember you are not going to be the only person with that system. For you to succeed you should be willing and able to put lot of effort and be able to compete with your competitor. Let’s look at an example;

When James was setting up his affiliate marketing system, he found out that he has to build a website in that niche to deliver the traffic that will make the Affiliate system works.
For John, setting up the website was not a problem but he soon found out that there a lot of other competitors in his niche. For him to win the keyword so as to be on the first page of Google, he has to put in about 3 hours a week effort on his website building content and traffic.

Like John, most people are not aware of the initial set up requirement that can help a good affiliate system run smoothly.
Although the affiliate system is not quick and easy to manage, you can surely succeed if you understand all you have to do in order to be a better marketer.

Only popular and lucrative niche will make your affiliate marketing successful

affiliate-marketing 2
Is it really truth that its only popular and lucrative niche that can make your affiliate marketing a successful one? A lot of people have always fall for this myth so easily. They seems to forget that success can easily come from interest not size.
I know of many affiliate marketers who always goes after the big and more popular affiliate programs. Some of these marketers will try as much as possible to win a niche they don’t have interest in.

Although you can easily be successful in very popular niches, you should also understand the fact that these popular niches will need a lot of time and resources in order for you to make a difference. You can easily succeed in smaller niche if you have passion and interest in that niche.

Your goal of taking part in any affiliate program should always be in line with your organizational aim objective and aspiration. Do not try to become a ‘Jack of all trade, master of non’ be focus, follow your plan and always go for a niche you have interest and passion for. Once there is interest and passion, all you need is to keep doing what you enjoy, and you will see the cash coming in.

Google is discouraging affiliate marketing

In the past couple of years, we have seen Google changing his algorithms more frequently. One of the latest change they made tend to render link building almost useless. One keep wondering what will be the use of creating an affiliate marketing system that relies on link building to the affiliate site.

Okay, we know that Google is trying to change the way we build links to site and how it affect our website ranking but does this change really make affiliate marketing strategy that relies on link building outdated? The simple answer is no!
When you add your affiliate link on your content, it can count as additional resources of which Google will be happy with. As you do this, always make sure that you don’t spam your site which may result in Google dropping it.
When you add quality fresh content to your site, it will always improve and can easily leads to conversion.

To be successful in Affiliate Marketing you have to put your product on as many site as possible

Ironically this myth may be true for lazy marketer that have no vision for growth. It is not the number of site that matter but the quality of websites that you can create leads from.
As an affiliate marketer you will be more successful if you have a site with regular traffic generated from your content. The more related your site content is to your affiliate product, the more likely you will have conversion and sales.
Focus on a few site with related traffic, if you have your own site, always add fresh content.
If you focus on your niche, focus on a few affiliate product and build better relationship between yourself and your visitors, you will surely create leads that will lead to conversion for your affiliate marketing business.